YFD Responds to Fires Caused by Fireworks

The Yakima Fire Department (YFD) responded to about 15 fires in the City related to fireworks on the 4th of July.

Thanks to quick responses by YFD firefighters, fires caused by fireworks yesterday were limited to vegetation except for one building that sustained minor exterior damage.

No injuries related to fireworks were reported to YFD on Thursday.

It is estimated there were more than 70 fires county-wide yesterday due to July 4th fireworks.

Per Yakima Municipal Code 10.15.015, it is illegal to store, sell, possess or discharge fireworks in the City of Yakima.

Unused fireworks or flares can be brought to the Yakima Fire Department’s stations for safe disposal.

Following are the locations of YFD fire stations:

Fire Station 91 – 401 North Front Street
Fire Station 92 – 7707 Tieton Drive
Fire Station 93 – 511 North 40th Avenue
Fire Station 94 – 2404 West Washington Avenue
Fire Station 95 – 807 East Nob Hill Boulevard
Fire Station 96 – 107 West Ahtanum Road, Union Gap

Call 575-6060 or visit https://yakimafire.com/ for more about the Yakima Fire Department.