Contact the Yakima Fire Department

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Phone: (509) 575-6060   Fax:  (509) 576-6356

Administrative Offices – 401 North Front Street, 2nd Floor
Fire Station 91 – 401 North Front Street
Fire Station 92 – 7707 Tieton Drive
Fire Station 93 – 511 North 40th Avenue
Fire Station 94 – 2404 West Washington Avenue
Fire Station 95 – 807 East Nob Hill Boulevard
Fire Station 96 – 107 West Ahtanum Road, Union Gap
Maintenance & Electronics Shop – 2200 Fruitvale Boulevard

Fire Chief: Aaron Markham

Deputy Fire Chief: DJ Goldsmith
Deputy Fire Chief: vacant

Administrative Assistant to the Fire Chief: Susan Madrigal

Shift Commanders:

 A Shift:     Michael Trujillo
 B Shift:     David Stark
 C Shift:     Tim Kerns

Training Division:

Captain: Jeff Pfaff
Lieutenant: Mark Ancira

Fire and Life Safety Division:

Blake Walker
Jace VanDeBrake
Kristine Stark