Smoke Alarm Request


NOTE: The Yakima Fire Department cannot assist in changing or installing hard-wired smoke alarms. ALL hardwired smoke alarms must be worked on by the homeowner or a licensed electrician. For those in need who cannot afford new smoke alarms, the Fire Department has a limited supply of single station battery powered smoke alarms that can be installed by emergency responders between calls. Each request is on a case by case basis and can be denied or given a card with the names of local electrician for installations. A maximum of 2 alarms may be provided per household.

Due to our limited equipment carried on our fire engines, The Fire Department can only inspect / replace alarms under 10 feet high.

If we determine that we cannot do the installation or replacement of your batteries, the crews can give you a card with the names of local electricians that can assist you.

Please allow 5 working days for the Fire Department to respond to this request.

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This program is provided for the residents of the City of Yakima.

The goal of the City of Yakima Fire Department’s Smoke alarm program is to install smoke alarm free of charge in the homes of residents who cannot physically or financially do so for themselves. We cannot replace any hard wired alarms and will give you a card with local certified electricians that can assist you. If you meet this criteria and do not have working smoke alarms in your home, please complete and submit the information below.

PLEASE NOTE: Smoke alarms are donated and therefore reserved for citizens in the City of Yakima limits that meet certain criteria. This questionnaire will help us determine if we can assist you .

IF YOU RENT YOUR HOME: If you rent your home or room, please review your renters agreement to determine the responsibility of ensuring there is a working smoke alarm in your residence. There are Washington State RCW's that have legal requirements for providing working smoke alarm(s) and carbon monoxide alarms in your residence.

Please answer ALL of the following questions to help us better serve you. The answers are for YFD use only.

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Does this residence currently have a working smoke alarm?*
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Due to the limited equipment carried on our engines, there are instances we determine that we cannot install an alarm or replace a battery. When this occurs, the crew has a list of alarm companies in Yakima that can assist you. (a fee may be involved)
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