YFD Responds to Fatal Fire in Union Gap

On Monday, March 29th, the Union Gap Police Department reported two unidentified bodies were found at the scene of a structure fire in the 2200 block of South 5th Avenue in Union Gap.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Anyone with information regarding the fire is asked to call the Union Gap Police Department at 249-9251.

The Yakima Fire Department (YFD) was called to the scene at 2:51 am Sunday, March 28th. The fire involved a two-story residence that was determined to be a total loss. The estimated dollar loss is $320,000.

A total of 33 firefighters responded to the fire. YFD returned to the site Sunday night when the fire flared up and returned again Monday to assist at the scene.

Please click the following link for a news release issued by the Union Gap Police Department – https://yakimafire.com/fire-investigation-union-gap-police-dept-news-release/