Fireworks are Illegal in the City of Yakima

The Yakima Fire Department (YFD) reminds the community that per Yakima Municipal Code 10.15.015, it is illegal to store, sell, possess or discharge fireworks in the City of Yakima.

“We encourage community members to celebrate safely this July 4th, and that includes not discharging fireworks in the City,” said Yakima Fire Chief Aaron Markham. “Each year there are a number of fires that result from the use of fireworks.”

For example, during the July 4th holiday last year YFD responded to 15 fires in the city that were related to fireworks. Thanks to quick responses by YFD firefighters, fires caused by fireworks last July 4th were limited to vegetation except for one building that sustained minor exterior damage.

It is estimated there were more than 70 fires county-wide during last year’s July 4th holiday.

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