Potential flooding as it warms up

As it warms up, the risk of roof collapse increases for all buildings especially lightweight buildings such as sheds, garages and carports.The snow load combined with the added heat turns the lighter fluffy snow into a solid heavier block of ice which blocks drains, slides off roofs and can even cause collapse.Take some time to … Read More

Thanksgiving Cooking Week is coming!

Thanksgiving is a great time to celebrate the pilgrims coming to American and is a great time for families to gather, but did you know the risk of fire greatly increases during the middle of the day and afternoon? Thanksgiving is one of the few times a year where residential fires increase during the mid day … Read More

Halloween Fire Safety Tips

As Halloween approaches, the risk of fire increases too. For generations our families celebrate Halloween cutting the pumpkin and setting a candle inside to light up the night. As people get more creative in their decorations, the higher the risk of fire when using live fire or candles in your decorations. Most will set up … Read More

College Off-Campus Residence Fire Safety

With fall quarter for College coming up in August, you and even parents are preparing for a big step in life, moving away from home for the first time as an adult. It is a big responsibility to undertake, managing school, your life, meeting new friends, a job, where you live etc. Lets go back to … Read More

Spring cleaning time!!

It is a good time of the year to clean up around the house to prevent fire from spreading to your home. Even if you don’t live near the wildland, you can still be at risk for embers landing from a fire and burning what you work so hard for. Take a minute to walk … Read More

FEMA App for your smartphone to help when disaster strikes

FEMA announces a new app to help you in the event of a disaster. This new app features: Alerts from the National Weather Service: Receive severe weather alerts for up to five locations across the U.S. and see information about how to stay safe. Disaster Reporter:  Upload and share photos of damage and recovery efforts. … Read More